See What It Takes

These starting rates can help you understand what to expect,  but know that your investment will vary based on the scope of your specific project & timeline. Want specifics? Contact me for a proposal tailored for you. 

Sales Emails

Engaging lead-nurturing and sales emails take your prospects from luke-warm to red-hot. You can save on package rates when you invest in a series rather than the single email price quoted below.


Landing Page Copy

Seal the deal with a long form sales page. Here we explore the problems you solve for your customers and focus on conversions.  Rates are adjustable for variations on an existing landing page. 



These are the stories that engage your audience and get you discovered in search results. Prices vary depending on the research required and length of the piece. Again, you can save by booking a block of content up front. 


Take a Trial Run

It’s rare to know exactly what you need up front, especially when it comes time to invest in evergreen website copy and content. Rather than diving straight into a package or project fee we can feel out what the perfect partnership looks like with hourly consulting.  Great for a copy review or getting a second opinion on your existing workflow.


See What My Clients Have To Say

“Alexa has become an integral part of my business! She’s like the Swiss army knife of copy and content and I’ll keep using her vast skillset for every project I work on. I personally suck at writing and Alexa brings my copy to life for all of my web projects and has been instrumental in helping me powerfully identify and message to my target audience. She’s mastered the art of balancing professionalism, creativity, and massive impact. I highly regard and recommend this badass lady!”

Christa Clark, Founder @ Freelance Foundation

I cannot overstate the pleasure it is to work with Alexa. Her ability to bring out the best in me and my project is, in my experience, unparalleled. As an aspiring freelance writer, I was taking notes the entire time. She’s an inspiration to me for sure! Hands down, the best freelance-hire experience I’ve had. I’d work with her again 1,000 times over. One part quirky. One part fun. Ten parts competent. Alexa is the real deal and I feel super fortunate to have worked with her. Highly recommend.

Cameron Brown, Co-Founder @ Cleantech Rising

Alexa is both creatively talented and strategically sharp as a tack! She not only communicates in an extremely timely manner, but is excellent at expressing her ideas. She updated the look of my website so that it is beautiful and very current. And she not only created a social media strategy for me, but she created beautiful content that I can use all year.

Jennifer Robinson, Peaceful Living Wellness

Running a Marketing Agency we've worked on some large projects, budgets & clients. We had a need for custom content creation for Social Media. We've worked with our share of writers. Alexa's work not only exceeded our expectations but the clients as well. We immediately received a message form the client upon completion "Wow!! I love what you have put together." Alexa is VERY talented, took time to understand the clients needs & industry. Serving as the President of the agency & overseeing all of our projects I've worked with a LOT of writers. Alexa is by far the best I've worked with from the quality of her work, in-depth research & delivering on a timely schedule.

Steve Bouboulis, President @ The Branding Agency

Alexa is sharp as a tack. She's witty, eloquent and aesthetically smart. I love working with her because she gets excited about our projects and cranks out great ideas constantly. She makes it look effortless.

Heather Ray, Founder @ Andromeda Entertainment

Get A Feel For Working With Me

It’s vital to find a writer that understands your brand, and the change you’re trying to make. A good way to start is to skim my blog to see how I approach marketing and business, and then take a peek at my portfolio to see my skills in action. From there, let’s chat. There’s no faster way to get a feel for how well we’d partner together than a quick chat.