Copywriting & Advertising

social media ad Campaign

Early access is a tough sell for games and this game was entering a saturated market dominated by a rhythm game called BeatSaber. The challenge was to write short, snappy copy that shows it’s different, but still attract the BeatSaber market.

A new game was coming to VR and AudioTrip needed a social media campaign to tell the world. This included design & testing of a 2 part awareness → conversion campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

Getting ROI & insights with A/B tests

I tested different headlines using the A/B test functionality on the Facebook advertising platform, and sought to gain insights for future marketing efforts through this campaign while driving sales of the Early Access game. 

The result? We were able to build powerful lookalike audiences, plus test and gain conclusions on both the audiences being targeted and the copy being used as headlines in the ads. Insights and ROI, a win-win for any ad campaign.

Proving ROI

A big part of a social campaign is interpreting the results to improve for next time, each campaign included a full analysis of what worked, what didn’t, and insights for the next round.

Click the image to the left to see the deck summarizing results for the final round in this 2 part ad campaign.