Copywriting & Design

website copy

 As a turnkey production company this client serves a niche market in the events space. They needed quick reading website copy that proved they’re the right choice. A lot of social proof achieved that for this client with the right supporting copy.

This client’s differentiating factors are a focus on safety certs, their agility at making a dream come to life for clients, and experience in building in challenging music festival conditions. An added bonus is that this company can not only build, but staff talented performers. For a company with such breadth of services crystal clear copy was a must.

Copy Doing Quick Work For Busy Clients

This client’s target audience are experienced music festival and event producers that are coming to the page via a personal referral. They are looking to check the boxes that the company can do what they need, see some examples of their work, and see social proof from their peers that this client is the right hire.

By focusing on simple, bulleted copy and reviews & logos from big names in the industry they’ve worked with before, this landing page is able to quickly confirm for a busy reader that Highlove Company is the right choice for their needs. 

Prove It

 Busy event producers throwing music festivals, sporting events, conferences etc. come to the site to quickly prove the value & expertise of the company and underscore why they’re worth the money.