Copywriting & Design

landing page copy

This product is considered an aphrodisiac by herbalists but for obvious reasons (like the FDA) you can’t come out and say that. The challenge is to suggest how adaptogens can work on consumers in a sexy way, without coming out and saying it.

In the years since their initial website launch, Highlove Vitality (and the herbal wellness industry overall) had gone through massive changes. 

Since they no longer focus on serving their products at events, it was time for a copy rewrite & website redesign.

Know your audience & speak directly to them

The client’s main source of traffic comes each Valentine’s day when Vice TV re-shares a video segment they recorded with Mark Highlove, founder of the company. This video referral source provides a lot of insights into their target audience and the questions they regularly ask.

With this in mind, the landing page was redesigned to answer the main questions received from this traffic:

  1. Is this Highlove’s love potion as seen on Vice TV Munchies episode?
  2. Do you ship internationally?
  3. Does this really work?

Optimized for Traffic

By optimizing for proven traffic the company aims to better serve & convert their primary customer acquisition channel.  If you know exactly where your traffic is coming from and the questions they most commonly ask, optimize for that.

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