Long-Form Sales Copy

luxury goddess retreat

This long-form landing page copy & funnel workflow was crafted after a quick chat with the clients where I learned they needed a solution to sell their trip, collect information from guests in an application form, and take payments.

One tenant of copywriting is “the bigger the ticket price, the longer the sales page needs to be”. 

With this in mind the Full Moon Goddess Retreat landing page was packed with information, testimonials, and copy that positioned this retreat as the cure for a busy, successful woman who needs to fill her cup back up with love & adventure.

Finding The Goddess Within

Since the women being invited were already clients of the 2 hosts, I wanted to get specific in how they speak with their clients and used the language they shared in our kickoff call to craft the perfect message.

To ensure we nailed it on the first time I delivered an outline of the copy & targeting prior to diving in. Once approved, the first draft was ready shortly after.

 Everything handled…from copy to tech.

The landing page was built out for the client in Leadpages with a boatload of imagery that would show a prospect what a stunning adventure was waiting for them. The landing page was then integrated with a custom Typeform application which took their information and a deposit to hold the prospects space via a Stripe integration.

All the client had to do was sign up for these services and share the password, I took care of everything else–setting up integrations, building the landing page, writing the copy…handled.