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┬áThere’s a few schools of thought on how to change the world, and this project chooses the carrot over the stick. Hear the call to support local artisans, slow down to live a meaningful life, and… get that carrot from the farmers market.

No pop-ups. No doomscrolling. No quick fixes.
Provincial celebrates life lived at a different pace, one not dictated by the tempo of email or notifications. When you’re ready to take a moment, grab a copy of Provincial.

Celebrate Artisans, Craftmanship & Provincial Wisdom

What if being “rather provincial and pedestrian” was actually a good thing? From dying arts to historic handicrafts on the upswing, we’re peering at the parts of humanity that take time & intention.

Coming Late Summer 2021

Provincial will bring together wisdom and stories from bookbinders, bakers, farmers, and chefs. In a world that keeps accelerating, this publication is the sirens call to slow down and take a breath of fresh air.