Indie Publishing

Rag magazine

Every so often an idea for a project comes along that just sticks. When the idea for Rag came along it wouldn’t fade away and I had to see this idea through to print.

Print’s not dead (there, I said it). I set out to share my love of indie magazines & riding motorcycles while empowering more babes to hop on two wheels and hit the road.

Going Analog in a Digital World

Rag Magazine takes going to the edges and targeting an insanely niche audience to the extreme. It’s a basic tenant of marketing and advertising lore to focus narrowly on a specific niche, and the savviest way to curate a community of like-minded people. 

A Project For The Love of Writing, and Riding

Whether it’s sales copy or short stories on motorcycles writing is one of the most powerful mediums for making change. You’ll see my hand in the copy on the Rag Magazine website and all throughout the print edition.

Check out Rag Magazine here.