SEO Article

The challenge was to teach potential clients valuable lessons about SEO while positioning the client’s agency as the go-to solution for executing the solutions. Build trust & authority, and also optimize the blog’s keywords for SEO.

Marketing Agency topics are notoriously saturated keywords, so showing up in local search results takes a targeted, and relentless, content marketing strategy. This piece was one article that was designed to help build trust and sell a new service they were offering.

Creating Authority with Content

Local search is a complicated topic for people green in marketing, and the goal was to make it approachable and easy to understand why it was important to optimize while showing how the client was the best solution to get the ranking they need.

It was a balance of showing that it was complicated for newbies yet important to optimize, but that the client made it easy.

Supporting Local & Online Businesses

The client‘s content is aimed at supporting local businesses who need to outsource their marketing, as well as online small business outside of the local area.

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