sales deck

Not only was this client aiming to make history by assisting scientists in proving whale’s could dance, they were aiming to offset some of the cost for their trip by inviting other partners to join their mission and get content for their own robotics or drone technologies.

The challenge was to position this as a great deal for content while aligning companies with the scientific mission. Also important was to avoid the rebuttal of “if you’re already going why can’t I just donate the product and get content for free?”

Getting “More for Less”

The main thing we had to explore was that readers could become partners in this mission, while maintaining that this was not something that was already sponsored fully. I had to be clear about the value and opportunity, and that this once in a lifetime event could only succeed with their help.

This was aimed to appeal to their sense of purpose, and their sense of getting “more for less” by funding a mission that was already happening with some of the top content creators in the business.

Now, the question remains…can whales dance? We’ll have to wait and see!

Selling The Mission

It was important to sell these readers not only on the unique opportunity to make history, but help them understand the value in helping fund this trip. Their company could get content from a shoot that would otherwise cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.