Seth had a great blog a while back that talked about what it means to be authentic. To show up everyday, and to be consistent in your actions..regardless of who is or is not watching.

Something about that really triggered me and i ran a screenshot of the email as the background on my phone for a week or so afterwards. (note: it’s a hideous thing to do, but it did help me keep leaning into it)

I kept reading the part about what it meant to be a pro.

To show up every day.

It flipped a switch in me and something just clicked, an effect Seth’s blogs have been known to have. I made the decision to act “as if” I was the professional I wanted to be.

This followed a really tough day where to cope I  read The War of Art out loud to my chickens while fighting back tears that I was failing at being the pro i want to be.

[side note: yes, I read out loud to my chickens. I see bright futures for my girls as entrepreneurs and half expect them to lay eggs with price tags in chicken scratch on the side]

So, i acted.

I started developing a plan for products and sprucing up my portfolio.

I applied to jobs I would normally pass over bc I KNEW i could do them.

I jumped on calls, I researched, I focused on my brand.

Then it happened.

That drive, that focus on staring down the resistance and recognizing that I felt sick and sad because I was hiding, it worked.

I got gigs, I started to see income. I didn’t feel as scared about where my next rent would come from.

What is it that is holding you back from focusing on your work and you personal brand and BEING the person you want to be, even if it means “acting” as if you were, until you truly embody it?



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