I finished Lydia Davis’ celebrated collection of short stories recently, titled Can’t and Won’t. I’ve always loved short stories, and it finally occurred to me why.

She juxtaposes sections from Flaubert, with dreams, with entertaining little tales, and it struck me that the joy of it is that little peek into someone else’s thoughts.

How many times have we wondered curiously what it would be like if we could read someone’s thoughts? Just me? (Yea right) It’s a common human desire.

It reminds me that each time I feel a bit too raw and exposed when I hit publish, or that I’m “doing it wrong” by exploring what’s on my mind (that guilt that I should only be sharing things that boost my brand), that I ought to keep going. Go deeper, even.

There are few things more fascinating than a real peek into how others are considering the world, and it’s a gift to lay it all out. It doesn’t tickle, but if you set the example for one other person to see the world in a different way…what a win.


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