Frictionless payments. Frictionless check-in. Seamless. Smooth. Instant. 

The world has been sanded smooth for us. No resistance, no friction. You can pay with a wave of your phone or one click of a button. You can get the world sent to your door in a matter of days. Except, last time I checked life can be better with the right amount of friction.

It can slow down an impulsive move. Friction can feel quite good. Friction can force us to push up against our edges and get uncomfortable, and some of the best work comes when you make yourself a bit uncomfortable.

Frictionless lets you be mindless. You enter a fugue state and breeze through the hours of your life, barely knowing what you missed. But you miss the signs of satiety, of feeling it’s enough.

Instead, what if you chose mindfulness over mindlessness. The fullness of being slowed down, of letting feelings arise, noticing them, and acting only if needed.

Mindful leads to meaningful. A fullness of experience. And in a world where we’re sold on a frictionless online life, only to then have our attention sold in an online marketplace once we’re hooked on that life…meaningful, mindful moments are more important than ever.


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