Tell Better Stories

I write about change-makers, rule-breakers and rebels. Let’s elevate the unsung heroes of the world.

I write copy and self-publish print magazines that shine a light on iconoclasts & human interest stories.

Email’s too easy to delete. Hand over something in print, and people slow down and pay attention.

What I Offer

 I partner with brands to tell the compelling human interest stories of their team, customers, producers and more. Of course, I also sell print copies of my own publications.

When you’re ready to use print or digital publications to engage with your customers, I’m your gal.

Indie Magazines

Stories show change, and the ones you choose to tell are the tool that allows you to create the change you want to see in the world. I curate stories from around the world about biker babes, provincial wisdom, and more.


Whether blogs or articles your content can’t be all sales, all the time. Stories build trust, authority, and show change…the change your audience hopes to make themselves.   

Collaborate with Me

You need content, the sooner the better. You don’t need to dive into a deep research project to figure out if a writer is a good fit for your company only to discover they’re out of budget, or unavailable.

See what it takes to work with me and make informed decisions for your brand. Plus, if I’m not the right fit I can help refer you to a writer who is.

Ideas Start Here

To write is to think deeply about the world around you, make observations, and put those ideas out into the world. To see my work, check out my portfolio. To see what’s going on in my head…read my blog. You’ll see the ideas I’m chewing on daily as I explore what it means to invest in writing as my craft and exist in a digital economy.

To connect with people, tell a story. 

To tell a story, show change.

“Hands down, the best freelance-hire experience I’ve had.”

Get a Project Quote

Let’s discuss what it will take to bring your project to life. Timing, cost, and all the moving parts, you can get a ballpark idea in a quick 30-minute chat plus I can send you a proper proposal once I get the scoop.