Our culture is backward. Where is the logic in celebrating the “overnight success” or the celebrities who get famous for salacious behavior and sex tapes? Why do we fetishize the idea of success without the hard work?

It’s a symptom of our own laziness, our desire for success to be handed to us on a silver platter. The “easy button” we want for everything from our success at work to delivered meals.

The news glamorizes the overnight success entrepreneurs, and never mentions the years of working nights & weekends that person put into building their product. They just celebrate that it caught on “overnight” and that “lucky” entrepreneur is reaping all the benefits.

This is crap.

Good things don’t come to people who wait. Good things come to people who hustle and work their asses off to achieve their goals.

This doesn’t mean that success and work have to be miserable. When you do work you love, in an environment that you love, it’s blissfully enjoyable.

Sometimes you will work long hours and have big pushes for a deadline. Except, when you love what you do they aren’t brutal anymore, they are hardly a blip on the radar. Your life and your work become intertwined when you start doing work that matters.

When work & life are no longer separate, distinct entities (a symptom of freelancing and entrepreneurship) you go from striving for work/life balance to living a lifestyle that fulfills you.

Are you ready to be excited about starting your day each morning? If so, what’s one step you can take today to get you closer to that tomorrow? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook, I would love to hear your goals and help you take the steps necessary to achieve them. 


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