What’s stopping you from doing that thing that matters to you? From starting or completing that project that means so much to you.

Are you waiting to be picked, for someone to say “what a great idea, I can make this huge“. Or perhaps waiting for a guru to show you the way. [get comfortable, you could be waiting forever]

The interesting thing about doing work that matters, is the only person it has to matter to, is you.

If someone doesn’t resonate with it, that’s ok. It’s not for them.

The thing about showing up and doing your work in public is that it isn’t about picking or finding your niche. It’s about defining your niche in a way that resonates with you, and seeing who notices it and says “oh yes! I’ve been looking for you, this feels right, what you’re saying and what you’re doing, I like this”.

I used to worry about finding my niche, finding my tribe. I realize now I just have to say “this is what I do, this is my niche“. The people that are my people, will instead, find me. 

The more I explore showing up daily and doing my work in public, the more I realize that it’s not about actually finding my tribe. It’s about doing work publicly that lets them find me.

This takes picking yourself. Being your own guru. Let others inspire you, but let your own passion drive the work you do.

What project are you waiting to put out into the world right now? Is there something you are hesitant to ship because it might not work? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know! [That’s literally the best reason to slide into my DM’s, otherwise, please don’t lol]


  1. Cole

    Superbly said Alexa, keep on rocking

    • alexarohn

      Thanks, Cole! Stoked it resonated with you, and always a delight to see your name pop up 🙂


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