Do you make it easy for people to “get you” and “get what you do” online?

Often, the issue isn’t other people, it’s how you position yourself, describe what you do, and what you share. Sorry if you were hoping for one of those “it’s not you, it’s them” kind of situations…

Don’t feel bad though, this is extremely hard to do. It’s not just hard to talk about yourself, it’s hard for the average talented marketer to explain what a product is for, or the “Mission Statement” behind most businesses.

This is the challenge of doing the work you love and meeting the people you want in your life.

Knowing how to communicate with them.

Shitty communication skills just won’t cut it anymore. We are more connected than ever, and it’s silly to miss opportunities because you are too stubborn or lazy to spell check.

Get the Grammarly plugin or chrome extension and get on with your life. (Seriously, it’s a lifesaver!)

Spelling & crap grammar (Hemingway App can help with clearer writing) aren’t the only big sins in digital communication.

Not talking about your work at all is just as bad, if not worse!

I know countless girls who tell me IRL how they want to grow their business, they want to establish themselves as the go-to _____ in the ______ world, or they want to find more work….etc, etc.

When I look at their online presence there is no mention of the amazing work they do and who they want to meet anywhere online, including metaphorical cobwebs on their LinkedIn (if they even have one).

No mention of their work, no website, no dedicated effort (in public) to let the world at large know what they desire. It’s no wonder opportunity isn’t knocking down your door.

How are we supposed to know you want work outside of your gig with “______” if you don’t tell us!

Some people are great at in-person networking. I’m not. My work keeps me home & isolated quite a bit. That’s a perk for my introverted self but can make it tough to meet new business buddies.

If you’re like me & don’t get out much (by choice or just because life is like that, shout out to my friends who are mom’s!) you can still network digitally with great success–especially if you work in a net-based industry like design or digital marketing.

This doesn’t have to feel gross, like you are just spamming your friends for work. Don’t feel embarrassed either, everyone knows what it’s like to look for more work, so don’t think of letting people know you are looking to collaborate with new people with as a strike against you socially. It’s just the sign of a savvy businesswoman!

Your outreach can be as simple as a public message that says:

“Hey friends, I’m looking for more work and to expand my network of cool people in the _________ industry. I’m great at __________, and _______________. There is more about my professional world here: [website or LinkedIn profile]. Let me know if you have any job leads or great people that I should meet!”

Pretty simple, right? The goal is to get a conversation going and start putting it out there that you do great work and want to grow.

Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes! It may not land your next gig right away, but I bet you will learn great insight and maybe make some cool new business friends!


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