Your most valuable marketing asset is yourself, and your ability (and willingness) to show up publicly.

You probably already know you should be doing things like making content, and talking about your work, but are you?

I had a funny conversation with a fellow marketer recently. We lamented (and laughed) over being marketers who, when it came to our own brands, didn’t always operate in the way we would advise our clients.

We got our email lists going late in the game when we know full well it’s something to lead with. We were not treating ourselves as well as our real clients and I know SO many other professionals who fall into this trap.

We danced around the idea that we resist what we know is best for us because of fear, and Steven Pressfield’s infamous Resistence. We avoid what we know is best because showing up as a pro is scary.

I always preach that an email list is your most valuable marketing asset, but my daily shipping project has helped me realize that my presence is even more valuable. A large email list doesn’t do you much good if you never produce valuable content to send to them…

Writing is hard for many, so is video. Content creation, in general, takes emotional labor to produce, and of course, to ship.

It takes practice, persistence, and a willingness to do your work in public.

Making a ruckus isn’t easy, but it is imperative to your success.

Nobody is going to find you just because you have a cool idea or a talent anymore. You have to pick yourself. You can be your own media company, and you should.

That being said, when are you showing up next?


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