sales email

The challenge is to make the case for a high-end digestive supplement, and why the reader needs to invest, without coming right out and saying the supplement will fix any problems.

This client has a strong founding story from their cofounder. The goal with this, and other emails in the series, was to position his success story as inspiration for how their products could get you similar results. 

Sell With Stories, Not Claims

The supplement industry is a case (like Highlove Vitality) where you need to show how the benefits of these products come about using personal stories or smart innuendos, since you can’t come out and claim what they do without putting the company at risk.

I pulled the copy from company assets like video interviews and past content to build authentic connections with readers using true stories without needing to take time from the busy founder.

A Laser Focused Customer Persona

This client targets active, health conscious people. Their first market is weightlifters but the copy extends to all fitness minded people.