There’s a pervasive myth that being an entrepreneur is somehow superior to freelancing.

It’s time to correct that assumption. They are merely different ways to run a business, and neither is better than the other.

Sure, an entrepreneur makes money while she sleeps, but a freelancer gets to relish in the joy of doing her craft, creating, and solving problems hands on.

When all paths of growth led to management in my corporate gig I set off to freelance, knowing that my joy is doing the work itself.

The allure of passive income and running an enterprise is tempting. In practice, I have come to realize I love the idea of passive income. In practice, I’d go nuts.

I love a challenge. I love toying with ideas and throwing questions at a problem from every conceivable angle, writing like a madwoman only to throw half of it out, and trying on solutions like outfits on a paper doll, until I find one that fits just so.

Perhaps some day this will shift and I will be ready to lead a team, choosing to merely navigate the course rather than row the boat. Maybe someday, but not yet.

Today, my joy is being a one woman show.

I relish in hand-selecting my clients, in stretching myself to solve my clients problems, and improve my craft.

Day by day I grow as a professional, and marvel in the bliss of running a self-sustaining business.

Well over a year and a half in and I am still grateful each day that I get to do the work.

No office politics, no commute, no pretending I’m a polished corporate drone. No decisions are out of my hands.

Writing, understanding customers, and exploring how to facilitate communication between my clients and those they seek to serve is bliss. I am grateful for the work I do and the gift of being hands-on with my craft.

In this way, to each their own.

I love my entrepreneurial friends & clients, and support them in every endeavor. Hell, I love working for them!

I simply know that my truth, lies in the bliss of sitting down to my desk each day, looking out the window at my garden with a warm cup of tea, and doing the work that matters.

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  1. Jérémy Chevallier

    Man, this is great to read! Freelancing is all about control and freedom for the right reasons. Glad you’re loving it.


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